SDCC Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nick) Panel *UPDATED*


Hi guys I have so far posted everything I’ve personally seen concerning the SDCC Nick TMNT panel but I will now, as promised, compile what I’ve learnt so far. Obviously I wasn’t there so if I miss anything or details are incorrect I apologise. Let me know ASAP and I will try and rectify. There is a LOT to get through. Hope you’re sitting comfortably.

This will contain spoilers so I’ve put everything under ‘read more’.

A non-spoiler fun fact for you all though. Some of you will know that executive producer Ciro Nieli’s father, owned a pizza parlour. Ciro’s father is now the face of Antonio’s Pizza in the cartoon, so I assume he’s the guy on the pizza boxes. And Brandom Auman, (head story editor and now also executive producer) tranformed Ciro’s dad into Pizza Face.

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15 Days: Under-appreciated Character?

Fugitoid or Professor Honeycutt (2003 TMNT TV Show)!  He got his brain transferred into a android, had to run from the government to keep peace within the universe, and THEN got mixed up in the turtles and the trouble they bring!  He built a portal to get them back to Earth (or tried), and then later he was willing to be dismantled and virtually killed in order to save the turtles’ home planet because he felt he brought it upon them.  If that’s not a hero, then I don’t know what is.